Happy New Year from Boca Raton! 2016 was so much fun at Boca VIPediatrics…we got to meet new babies, watch little kids turn to big kids right in front of our eyes, see families grow, get lots of children better faster, use some super cool telemedicine devices that continue to blow our minds, but most of all, grow our relationship with our VIP families as their Pediatrician! We truly love watching your little ones grow up, and what a privilege it is to be able to care for your most precious cargo. Looking forward to our best year ever! Wishing you and your family health and happiness in 2017.  And, in true first-day-of-the-year fashion, we’ve made a list of some the things we’re looking forward to in 2017…17 of them, in fact!

1. Baby University 


You heard it here first! We’re getting ready to roll out a whole new education program for new & expectant parents called “Baby University!” Get ready to bring your spouse/partner and receive your PhD in diapers and beyond, featuring everything an expectant parent needs to know, direct from the Pediatrician’s mouth. This class is full of laughs, fun, and snacks (can’t forget the snacks!), and it ain’t your grandmother’s newborn care class! We’re super excited to be rolling out the best new expectant parent class Boca Raton has ever seen!

2. Mommy Recommended, Pediatrician Approved Series

You can expect to see a whole lot more from our series for new parents, featuring our favorite products, experiences, tips, and tricks for raising a healthy baby. With guest hosts via Facebook live and bloggers, we’ll be ringing in 2017 by keeping on trend with all the best baby gear and parenting tips in the new year!

3. The All-New Boca VIPediatrics Boutique

We’ve compiled our “favorite things” for babies and toddlers and added them to our online store, which takes you directly to the amazon link for maximum convenience. We’ll keep our old standbys, but be sure to check back frequently for updates and new favorites.

4. The Clinicloud Virtual Stethoscope & Bluetooth Thermometer

Available exclusively to VIPs at Boca VIPediatrics, our Clinicloud digital stethoscope is one that will continue to change the game in 2017 for families. It’s late night, or you’re out of town, and your child is coughing like crazy. Break out your handy clinicloud, and the lung sounds (or heart sounds) are securely sent to us for review. Whether it’s croup, bronchiolitis, asthma, or just peace-of-mind, this is one of our top tools to have on hand.

5. The “Flinch-Free” Vaccine Experience


Inspired by a patient, our “flinch-free vaccine experience” is now available in office for children, ages 3 & up. With the help of virtual reality goggles, you’re transported from our pediatric office in Boca Raton to anywhere in the world. Whether it’s swimming with the sharks, flying a helicopter over Vegas, or walking on the moon, we’ve taken the whole doctor’s office experience to a new level that has kids asking to come back! Check us out as featured last week on NBC’s WPTV!

6. Getting Kids Better, Faster


With the ability for our VIPs to email, text, call, or virtual visit 24/7, we believe that your most precious cargo shouldn’t have to wait to get better when they’re sick. We can’t wait to roll out even more ways in 2017 to help get your children better, faster at our pediatric smart office!

7. Oto Home Virtual Ear Checks


Thank goodness for the return of one of our favorite game-changers, the Oto Home, which sends secure video of your child’s inner ear directly from your iPhone. You heard that right. You can now alleviate one of the most common parental concerns (Ear Infections) from your smart phone, as long as you’re a member of Boca VIPediatrics. So whether you suspect an ear infection and you’re out of town or it’s late at night, we can screen with secure video of your child’s ear from anywhere you are.

8. Our 3rd Birthday


We turn the big “3” in July! We can’t wait to partner again with The Little Smiles Foundation and collect “birthday presents” to be donated to children in local hospitals. We will match every toy donation that is collected!

9. Baby Fever!


Nothing is more fun than watching our VIP family grow…and grow…and grow! We’ve got newborns on our schedule going all the way into July, and we can’t wait to meet your newest additions! Whether it’s seeing them for the first time in the hospital, making house calls for the first newborn check-up, or watching them grow at each office appointment, we can’t wait for all the “baby love” in 2017 at Boca VIPediatrics!

10. Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!


For our younger VIPs, we’re loving their reaction to our awesome new bubble experience, which replaces boo-boos with bubbles! When the little ones come in for vaccines, we turn on the bubbles to create a super fun atmosphere fit for a VIP!

11. The ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test

If you have children who play sports, this computer-based test assesses baseline brain functioning. So, in the event your child gets a concussion, we can more accurately diagnose and treat them to get them back to school and sports faster & safer. We are the only pediatric office in Boca Raton offering this test (used by the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA).

12. Avoiding Unnecessary Antibiotics

We believe in only giving antibiotics when it’s completely necessary. Our offices utilizes a specialized that uses a simple nasal swap which tests for over 30 different viruses and bacteria, which prevents unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions by identifying the exact cause of illness. We look forward to getting our VIPs better, faster in 2017 with this highly specialized testing.

13. Lactation Support for Breastfeeding Mommies

To provide you with the most personalized breastfeeding support, we send our certified lactation consultants directly to your home to work with you in a more comfortable setting. House calls are SO back in 2017.

14. Anti-Bullying Programming

In 2017, we’re taking a stand against bullying in a big way. Be on the lookout for a new programming series for kids, pre-teens, teens, and parents via in-person & Facebook live events.

15. Registry Reviews for Expectant Parents

We started this program back in 2015, but it became so popular with our expectant VIPs, that we can’t wait to expand on our favorite baby things in 2017! We’ll look over your registry, make recommendations, and send it back to you with baby gear. We’re already “on it” for 2017, checking out the latest and greatest gear and bringing in directly to you.

16. Theme Days at Our Office


Mickey ears day, College team day, Ugly Holiday Sweater Day…we can’t wait to add more fun days in 2017! Just what will happen when you walk into our office next?

17. Dr. Paul Gilbert, M.D.!


And, for the grand finale, we’re SUPER excited to welcome Dr. Paul Gilbert, M.D. to our Boca VIPediatrics family this year! You’ll be learning a lot about him over the coming months, but here’s the low-down: he received his training (both medical school and residency) from Johns Hopkins (top hospital in the United States), worked as a Camp Physician at a top sleep away camp in Kent, Connecticut, and is an avid Disney-goer who also knows how to juggle. So now there will be TWO great pediatricians on your side, helping you with your “village!” We can’t wait for you to meet Dr. Gilbert in 2017!