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What is Boca VIPediatrics?

Boca VIPediatrics is a membership model for personalized pediatric care. At Boca VIPediatrics, our office takes care of fewer patients than a traditional pediatric practice. This style of practice was created in response to the many criticisms of the current “assembly line” approach to pediatric care, in which physicians are incentivized to do things to you, not for you, and to see as many patients as possible each day. Our small, private practice offers exclusive benefits through our pediatric smart office capabilities, such as 24/7 access to the doctor including phone calls, emails, and virtual office visits. Our model allows us to spend as long as is needed with each patient during in-office visits while minimizing wait times and delivering the highest level of individualized care for your children.

What is included with my child's membership to Boca VIPediatrics?

Our membership model of care allows us to provide our VIPs with 24/7 access to reach your pediatrician directly by email, text, phone, and virtual visit. We provide both well and sick visits in our office with no long waits. Additionally, certain scheduled vaccinations as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Center for Disease Control are included. Boca VIPediatrics does not charge extra for rapid tests (i.e. urine test, influenza test, strep throat, or RSV infections) done on site. Occasionally, more complicated tests are required to be sent to an outside laboratory which are usually covered by your insurance company. House calls are also available as deemed appropriate by the pediatrician for after-hours non-emergent issues which require prompt face-to-face attention.

Can I really reach the doctor 24/7?

Parents can call an after-hours number which rings directly to your pediatrician. There is no answering service. Our members find this very reassuring to know that when their child is ill, they can speak with the doctor who knows them best.

Can I communicate with the doctor via email or text?

Yes, you can communicate with your pediatrician via email and text message. When appropriate, photos or video can be sent by email to assist in diagnosis. Certain guidelines apply which will be discussed when you sign up for membership.

What about expectant parents?

We are happy to set up a complimentary meet and greet with you and provide you with an office “backstage tour” to discuss your newest family member’s upcoming arrival and care. Once your baby is born, we will see you in the hospital, and will also conduct the newborn (post-hospital) exam in the comfort of your own home!

Does Boca VIPediatrics accept insurance?

Boca VIPediatrics is considered an out-of-network provider and does not participate with any insurance plans. Required insurance claim documentation forms are provided following each visit upon request to assist you with obtaining reimbursement from your insurance company. Most patients are reimbursed up to 50-80% of the cost by their insurance company. Please consult with a representative from your insurance company for your policy’s details. Boca VIPediatrics is not responsible for any costs incurred by third parties such as labs, outpatient radiology centers, pharmacies, or specialists.

Is Boca VIPediatrics a substitute for health insurance?

Boca VIPediatrics is not a substitute for health care insurance. However, a family’s health insurance needs may change once they join the practice. For instance, individuals may financially benefit by converting to a catastrophic health insurance policy, to a health savings account, or to a health reimbursement program. Additionally, in the event a patient is sent for a consultation with a specialist or needs special tests, your insurance will serve as your method of payment with any co-payment as detailed in your specific policy. Please discuss which health care option is right for your family with a trusted financial consultant.

Can my annual membership fee be paid for with my Health Savings Account?

Yes, however, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor and/or benefits manager to determine your policy’s allowances.

When my child goes to college, can they still discuss a health concern with you?

We have a custom “collegiate care program” where college students can reach the doctor by phone, text message, or live video chat. Technology makes it easy for your adolescent or young adult to remain in touch with their doctor even though they may be miles away. Refills of prescriptions can also be handled in the same manner.

Can grandparents or other family members give a gift of Boca VIPediatrics membership to my children?

Yes! There is no better gift than the gift of health, peace of mind, and 24/7 access to reach the pediatrician. Membership gift certificates are available and make a wonderful baby gift.

What if my child has to go into the hospital?

In the event your child needs to be hospitalized, your pediatrician will serve as a consulting physician. They will quarterback all care during your child’s hospitalization and discuss each medical problem, medication, and test results with the pediatric hospitalist who will provide in-patient care.

How much does a membership to Boca VIPediatrics cost?

Our annual membership cost is based upon a child’s age. Discounts are provided for families who pay the annual membership in full. For more information about our pricing, please contact us.

Can my child have a "virtual" medical visit?

Yes, in many instances, a diagnosis can be supported with photos, video, or live video conference. This can help families save time and can provide earlier treatment plans and interventions in the hopes of returning your child to health quicker.

What if my child gets sick while we are out of town?

One of the benefits of having a membership to Boca VIPediatrics is that your physician is always only a phone call away. Utilizing a virtual medical visit, we may be able to provide a treatment plan while you are on vacation. This can include calling in a prescription to a local pharmacy should one be required. Should your child require testing or further evaluation, we will help you to find a local urgent care or emergency room to visit and will discuss the findings and treatment plan with the physician on-call in that center.

What happens when the doctor is on vacation?

Our VIPs are never left in the dark! In the event your pediatrician is on vacation, coverage will be provided by a trusted colleague.

My children are usually healthy and we rarely go to the doctor except for their annual school physical. Is a concierge pediatrician necessary?

At Boca VIPediatrics, we aim to provide more than just a once-a-year well check up. Even if your child is healthy, we strive to keep them that way by providing a wellness plan which revolves around exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. Our incentive is not to do things to your child, but rather provide care for your child should they require it. A membership to Boca VIPediatrics gives parents assurance and peace of mind that should a problem arise, we are there for you 24/7.

Is the annual fee tax deductible?

Depending on your family’s tax specifics, the annual membership fee can be deducted from an itemized tax return. Please discuss this with your tax advisor.

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