Hi there! We’re Boca VIPediatrics. But more importantly, we are a family.

Once upon a time in 2012, we had this crazy idea for a pediatric practice. And by crazy, we actually mean quite practical. We’re in the digital age of everything. You can order food through an app, FaceTime with family and friends around the world, and have virtually anything delivered to your door in 48 hours.

So why was medicine/healthcare stuck in the 1970s? Why do we need to make an appointment, wait in a crowded waiting room, spend only 6 minutes with a doctor, and receive a “surprise” bill in the mail? The office staff is rushed, the patients are frustrated, and instead of preventative care to keep children healthy, doctors only have time for reactive care when children are sick.

The costs are expensive, the experience is frustrating, and unfortunately, the true sufferers are the children who either can’t be seen soon enough to treat their illness, are given unnecessary antibiotics, or whose parents don’t receive enough guidance from a trusted source to navigate wellness, development, and the millions of other parenting topics that pediatricians just don’t have time to go over in depth at a 6 minute office visit once per year.

And so…we put our heads together. Chad was seeing close to 40 patients a day at Miami Children’s Hospital, Ashley was working with the largest hospitality company in the world, The Walt Disney Company, and they asked parents with kids of all ages to help design “the pediatric practice of their dreams.”

a brainstorming session from May 2012

We spent over a year designing and re-designing this concept that we hoped would change the pediatric experience and offer busy families the peace-of-mind that they were missing by feeling so distant from their pediatrician. What if we could remove the middle man (insurance companies) and offer:

  • an affordable monthly membership
  • all-inclusive of EVERYTHING from visits to vaccines to house calls with no copays
  • the ability to let our patients get paid by their insurance companies by submitting the claim forms for reimbursement (since we won’t bill insurance)
  • the small-town personalized care that is missing from big pediatric practices

If we could take health insurance out of the picture for primary care and only use it for heaven-forbid circumstances (like hospitalizations), we could take a limited amount of patients and truly give them the most personalized, convenient, and accessible pediatric care. Similar to car insurance, you only go through your insurance company for big things, and your car’s “primary care” (like oil changes, gas, etc.) you pay for yourself, because it would cost a fortune to involve your insurance company in every little thing.

Soon, we became parents ourselves and understood even more the frustrations with the healthcare system and set our sights on Boca Raton, our hometown, to introduce parents to our concept of care that brought back small-town medicine.

Opening the door for the first time with our keys to the Boca VIPediatrics office

Our practice mostly grew through word of mouth and our gracious V.I.P.s (Very Important Patients/Very Important Parents) taking the time to write reviews to inform busy parents that this type of pediatric care actually *does* exist and it makes a heck of a lot more sense.

We utilized telemedicine and the most cutting-edge products to give families even more access and convenience, like the iPhone otoscope that sends video from your phone to the doctor when you suspect an ear infection, or the digital stethoscope that clips into your iPhone to send the doctor your child’s heart/lung sounds from anywhere you are in the world.

 We listened to this child’s cough all the way from the Swiss Alps with the Clinicloud digital stethoscope! 

We spent quality time with our VIP families and did things to make their lives easier because we had the time to spend by limiting our patient base. Whether it was a “curbside check up” for a baby in the parking lot (Mom had sprained her ankle and it was difficult for her to walk upstairs), or a newborn house call, our concept of care became synonymous with the phrase, “Keep your Pediatrician in your Pocket,” because you can reach us directly literally anytime, anywhere.

“Curbside Care”

Because we cap our practice to avoid the “assembly line” feel and so that we can truly be available 24/7 with no waits, we opened a waiting list when we hit our cap and scoured the country for a truly special second pediatrician to join our team. Aside from his brilliant training at the top hospital in the nation, his experience as “Camp Doc”  with children at a premier sleep away camp, and just an all-around super nice guy, Dr. Paul Gilbert, M.D. believed in our mission and wanted to create change with us.

Our team is also complete with some of the kindest, smartest, and hardworking people you’ll ever meet who help us to do the impossible every single day: book same-day appointments with specialists, call insurance companies on your behalf to get certain medications covered, and a slew of other behind-the-scenes tasks that give each and every VIP their own personal healthcare concierge.

Paul Gilbert, M.D.

While our Boca location is growing and VIP spots are extremely limited, we work everyday to preserve the image of  the “small town service” we envisioned from the very beginning. We’re so incredibly thankful to our VIP families and supporters for entrusting us with the most important job there is, taking care of their most precious cargo.

Thanks for letting us bring our “Happily Better After” story to Boca Raton.