Whether it’s mealtime, bath time, or travel time, we’ve got a hack for that! These parenting hacks will make you feel like a rockstar!

Use a Pez Dispenser to Get Kids to Take Their Medicine

For chewable medicine for toddlers and kids, use a Pez dispenser with their favorite character. Put a couple of pieces of Pez candy with one chewable tablet sandwiched in between. Works every time. *Never put more than ONE pill in at a time. ALWAYS keep medication out of reach from children. 

In fact, we’ve got 100 different ways to get your children to take their medicine!

Sprinkle Veggies On Your Child’s Food

These hidden veggie sprinkles can’t be detected, whether you hide them in mac & cheese, sandwiches, smoothies, or in pancake batter.

Use A Bath Crayon At Tub Time To Get Toddlers to Sit Still

Your squirmy toddler sure makes bath time a challenge. Try introducing a bath crayon to get your toddler to sit perfectly still so you can wash worry-free! *Even though they are non-toxic, don’t let your child eat the bath crayon. As with any product, if skin rash or other adverse health effect occurs, discontinue use and consult with your pediatrician.

Draw a Dosing Chart Directly On The Medicine Bottle

Never lose track of doses for your child’s medicine by drawing a handy chart and signing off each time you give a dose. Remember to always finish the medication course as directed by your physician even if the symptoms are improved.

Use a Laundry Basket For Babies Too Big For Infant Tub

For babies too little for the big bathtub, but too small for the infant tub, use a laundry basket! It also keeps their toys from floating away! Never allow a child to be alone in a bathtub for any period of time.

Use Monster Spray To Help With Bedtime

We’ve given out countless “prescriptions” for Monster Spray to help keep ghosts/monsters away at bedtime! Make your own at home or ask Dr. Rudnick for an Rx!

Use Chux Pads Over Your Baby’s Changing Table

Don’t rely on just a changing table cover when changing your baby’s diaper. Use a chux pad to avoid a mess and having to wash the cover with each diaper change. Oftentimes, you can cut the chux pad in half and keep it only under the diaper area during changes. This way you get double the chux for the same price!

Air Purifier That Doubles As A White Noise Machine

This HEPA tower fan purifies the air by removing dust, pollens, and other allergens while its “low level hum” helps put your child to sleep. Win/win!

Make a Busy Box/Busy Bag To Use For Travel

No matter your child’s age, traveling can be a pain if you’re not prepared with activities. Use a “busy box” or “busy bag” with age appropriate activities from stickers, to coloring, to books, to crafts to keep brain juices flowing for a tech-free travel day.


Program the Poison Control Number Into Your Phone (and on your fridge for any caretakers)

See that number? Plug it into your phone. Write it down and put it on your fridge. If your child swallows or ingests something they’re not supposed to, the doctors with The Poison Control Center are available 24/7. In case of emergency, always dial 911 first. 


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Special thanks to our rockin’ medical assistant, Emaan for the idea for this blog!