UPDATE FEB 1, 2021: All of our office staff & physicians have received the COVID-19 vaccine!

Our unwavering commitment to our VIPs is health and safety above all else. While we pride ourselves on an immaculate office always, we’re committed to continuing to go above and beyond in order to keep our office as clean and safe as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s why our office is taking the following extreme precautions and procedures in order to keep your family and our staff as safe as possible during COVID-19: 

1.In addition to our in-room HEPA air purifiers, we have also installed a next generation, state-of-the-art whole office air purifier which is able to reach all areas of our office. This air purification system is designed to remove and neutralize bacteria, viruses, mold, and pollens from the air and surfaces within our office, killing over 99% of all virus particles in the time a sneeze (traveling at 100 miles per hour) can reach three feet. It is used in many hospitals and schools and is FDA, USDA, and FSIS (food safety and inspection service) approved. We are very excited to have this in our office to keep our VIP families and staff as safe as possible!

2. Compared to just about any other office, we see a very low amount of daily traffic. As you know, there will NEVER be a wait time at our office and you will always be escorted directly to the exam room. As you also know, there is no sign-in process/communal pens/sign-in sheets upon entering our office because we truly know all of our families by name and face! We always schedule just one family per doctor at a time, so you will not see any other children or families in our office during your visit. Our office door is locked and only those with a scheduled appointment are allowed to enter.

3. Telemedicine/Virtual Visits have always been a huge hallmark of our practice. Our doctors undergo specific telemedicine training, as virtual visits are a huge part of what we do. With “pediatrician in your pocket” care, our VIP families can reach their family’s own Board-Certified Pediatrician 24/7 directly to their cell phone. We are able to provide virtual visits in many instances to save your family a trip from coming to our office.

4. Any parent must wear a mask upon entering our office. Children over the age of 3 must also wear a mask. Should you need a mask, please don’t hesitate to let our staff know prior to your appointment and we will make sure we have one ready for you/your child prior to entering the office.

5. All of our staff is masked. The doctors will have masks, gloves, and additional PPE as necessary in order to keep everybody safe. The doctor’s equipment undergoes specialized ultraviolet light sanitization in between each and every visit. We are a COVID-19 vaccinated office – every member of our team has received their COVID-19 vaccine.

6. For newborns, we perform house calls for the first newborn visit once your family is discharged from the hospital. The doctor will arrive to your home in full PPE and shoe covers.

7. Only one healthy parent will be allowed to escort the patient into our office. We would be happy to have the other parent join in the visit via FaceTime or on speaker phone if you prefer. In order to limit exposure and follow distancing guidelines for both your family and our staff, our lobby will always remain empty.

8. Exam rooms, bathrooms, and entire office will be sanitized with medical-grade disinfectant in between visits. Additional sanitizing measures are being taken throughout the day to disinfect all surfaces. Exam rooms undergo a full deep cleaning in between each and every visit.

9. For those who prefer, we are able to provide drive-thru vaccines for certain immunizations, with the discussion portion of the visit done over phone or video conferencing.

10. In order to minimize risk to everyone, certain illnesses will be seen and evaluated with “curbside care” or drive-thru testing at this time. This would be determined on an individual basis, after first discussing with your pediatrician.

11. In order to protect your family and our staff, our office door remains locked throughout the day in order to minimize solicitors, pharmaceutical representatives, and other foot traffic into our office. Only those with scheduled appointments will be permitted to enter our office. We strive for “one family at a time” scheduling, so that our office experience can be kept private when you enter/exit.

12. For the time being for the safety of your child, we’ve removed all toys from the exam rooms.

13. As always, all of our exam rooms have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer readily available. Hand sanitizer is also available both at the entrance and exit of our office.

14. Please refrain from bringing in any food or drink into our office other than breast milk or formula.

15. As always, should you need assistance coming up to our office, our medical assistants will be masked/gloved and ready to escort you. Please call our office should you need assistance and we will be happy to send someone down to your car to assist.

16. We offer drive-thru COVID-19 testing for members of VIPediatrics only. To inquire about COVID-19 testing, please reach out to our concierge front desk team.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and adhering to these health/safety procedures at our office. You ALL are part of our special family, and your health and safety is paramount to us. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

The Boca VIPediatrics Family