Someone had the worst week ever. Our homegirl, Sophie the Giraffe, likely your baby’s favorite teething toy, and your dog’s favorite mistaken toy that he thinks is his, is trending this week. Your teething baby is in love with this giraffe, and now you’ve seen the gross pictures. You’ve discussed with your fellow parent-friends. You’ll never look at a giraffe in the same way again. For those who have been living under a new parent rock, we’re talking about the mom who cut open her Sophie only to find mold. As much as it turns your stomach in knots to think about giving a moldy toy to your baby to chew on, we’re taking a stand with our friend, Sophie, and saying she’s not entirely to blame.

You may have read our blog a few months back about the moldy sippy cup epidemic. Parents were disgusted and outraged to find mold in a section of the sippy cup they didn’t realize needed to be washed and dried thoroughly.

Here’s the thing: absolutely any product that water can get inside of (or is not dried off of entirely) has the potential to grow mold. Any product that remains in a damp environment can grow mold. 

Since your baby likely puts everything in his/her mouth, absolutely everything needs to be properly washed, cleaned, and dried. If your child has a particular toy that gets more “love” than others, it may be a good idea to replace it with a new one every so often.

Here are the most common items that can grow mold if not cleaned/dried properly:

Bath toys, sippy cups, teething toys, squeaky toys, ball pit balls, outdoor pool toys/floats, cushioned toilet seats, fabric lunch boxes, shoes, nasal bulb aspirators, and backpacks. And a big one…humidifiers! {Did you know mold spores can grow in just 24 hours?} The best practice is to wash the item with soap and water and dry completely. 

For maximum convenience and peace-of-mind, we’re “oooing” and “ahhhhing” over the uvicube. It sanitizes using UV light, but also has a complete drying feature. Not only can you sanitize your bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc, but it’s big enough to fit everything at once including household items like your remote control. We use it in our office daily to sanitize anything and everything for our VIPs at their appointments.

So, in summary, before you send Sophie to her eternal home, we suggest making sure she is properly cleaned and dried daily, and if not, just getting a replacement. We still love ya, Soph.